The therapeutic foster care program consists of a network of highly trained foster families who provide care to children living in New Mexico. The children served have emotional disabilities which are severe, complex, and persistent, often in combination with mental retardation; or they may be in crisis but able to be stabilized safely in a therapeutic family setting. Therapeutic foster care is family-based care in which the foster family is viewed as the primary treatment agent. Foster parents are trained and supported to implement key elements of treatment in the context of family and community life while supporting the goals of permanency planning for children in their care. While the role of foster parents is central to the service delivery approach, treatment planning is a team function carried out under the clinical direction of qualified program staff. Treatment typically focuses on teaching the adaptive, prosocial skills and responses which equip young persons and their families with the means to deal effectively with the unique conditions or individual circumstances which have created the need for treatment.

Individuals interested in becoming Therapeutic Foster Parents should contact New Mexico Solutions at (505)268-0701, ext. 223 or 234.

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