Cigar Factory Complex

All of the RiverValley affiliates are based in the old Cigar Factory (CFC). Built in 1892 by the American Tobacco Company, the original seven-story warehouse once held the distinction of the largest wooden building in the world. In 1956, the top five stories were removed from the building and in 1982, a massive remodel transformed the structure, but preserved its character, into an upscale shopping mall. In 1999, RiverValley acquired the property and once again a transformation occurred…a 100,000 square foot mental health, mental retardation/developmental disabilities and substance abuse center serving Kentucky’s third largest city, its surrounding counties, plus southern Indiana residents. Acquiring CFC allowed us to consolidate many small offices into one, divest of rental properties or owned buildings that had high maintenance/operating expenses, sell the vacated properties, and the ability to decrease duplicate job duties saved even more revenue. Income from renting excess CFC space has generated revenues to assist in mortgage payments and annual maintenance or upgrades of the complex.

Cigar Factory Complex
Suite 217 or 224
1100 Walnut Street
P.O. Box 1637
Owensboro, KY  42301