Acumen Counseling Services

In 1993, Acumen was incorporated as a non-profit entity, mimicking an independent practice, but the professionals staff were freed of the typical overhead and bookkeeping of private practice. Staff are paid on a billable hour plan (a flat rate for each client seen), and an incentive pay program that provides an hourly rate for case loads exceeding a certain number of hours. Today, Acumen has grown to nearly 210 employees who specialize in a variety of mental health and substance abuse service delivery systems.

Since 2000, RiverValley Behavioral Health has contracted with Acumen Counseling Services to provide the needed mental health and substance abuse services to the residents of seven western Kentucky counties.

These skilled professionals also conduct educational presentations to the local communities at large. Some of the topics presented include ADHD, anxiety, anger management, PTSD, phobias, parenting skills, etc. Public screenings are also conducted by these professionals in an effort to identify possible problems before they become life changing events.

Acumen Counseling Services
Cigar Factory Complex, Suite
Suite  112
1100 Walnut Street
P.O. Box 1637
Owensboro, KY  42301